Broadband Infrastructure (BbI) is a turnkey solutions provider for both inside and outside plant telecommunications infrastructure serving the Eastern half of the United States.

We provide fiber optic splicing, terminations, structured cabling, security/access control, 5G, DAS & Small Cell,  long-haul, and overbuild fiber optic construction services.

BbI Core Corporate Values

Honesty & Respect

To each other, to our customers, venders, partners and with ourselves.

Integrity & Responsibility

We do not cut corners or promise but not deliver, we stand behind our work.  When we commit to something, we will do it.  We do not make excuses, we accept responsibility and provide solutions.


No one exists in a bubble, it takes every member of the team to make this company successful.  We will approach each goal, each project and each obstacle working together to be successful. Collaboration, listening and thoughtful decision making are the hallmarks of team work.


As a company, we want everyone to succeed – a vibrant growing profitable company helps all team members.  Success breeds opportunity, BbI is a company that values careers over jobs, as a growing company we will create opportunities for advancement, career growth and financial rewards for everyone.


The BbI Management Style

In addition to our core corporate values, the BbI management team embraces three steps to our management style:

 Mentor, Motivate & then Manage the Process.

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